About Alison

At 48, she has many years work experience and brings a unique set of skills and strengths to her role as a celebrant.

Her speaking and presentation skills have been honed over decades in the corporate sector.  She is very comfortable and confident with speaking to groups of all sizes. Your event will be professionally managed, with much support to help you have exactly the experience you want.

Alison and her husband are part of a large and happy blended family and she is intimately aware of the specific challenges this family unit presents. This has created a passion for, and understanding of, blended families. Personal life experience in managing the dynamic of relationships and differing roles is a real strength demonstrated by Alison. A sense of humour and fun always helps!

Alison can assist you in performing weddings, funerals, naming and commitment ceremonies. She sees each ceremony as a recognition of the milestones we all achieve in life, which we should celebrate in a meaningful and intimate way.

Services are provided around the South East corner of Queensland and further afield if required.  Alison lives in Chandler, Brisbane.