newlywed couple embracing on beach

Thoughts on flexible wedding options

The last 18 months has made it difficult to plan weddings and for many couples, securing a date and venue has been frustrating, tedious and often disappointing.

Many couples put their plans on hold to wait out border restrictions. Consider using ‘old’ ways of getting married by keeping it simple. Instead of the traditional event held on a day or days, consider small, registry style or elopement options.

Elopement no longer has the connotations of the early 1900’s where people ran away to hide. Now it’s about choosing not to spend lots of money on an event that doesn’t quite make sense to you. You believe in marriage but are disheartened by the cost of a venue, catering, photographer, entertainment, extended family, and friends you haven’t seen in ages and not likely to see again in a long time.

Registry style weddings provide a no-fuss solution for a small group of people. It’s personalised and affordable.

Live streaming weddings has become part of the norm, and this means that everyone can still be included.

Don’t put it off, understand what’s really important to you!

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