How am I going to stand up in front of my family and closest friends and not lose it?   

There are some scary bits to getting married and planning your event!

The first topic was how to prepare your ceremony structure. Today, I will cover off for you the second: how am I going to stand up in front of my family and closest friends and not lose it?   

Often I find the ceremony which is usually the most formal part of the wedding, is not exciting at all for the couple. It’s a scary, confronting experience; something to get over with. Individuals feel they are on show and some love this, but many don’t. Revealing your most intimate thoughts and feelings in front of others is difficult.

Having a drink while getting ready will help settle the nerves, too much can have the opposite effect. So, while your support party is there to get you through the day and ensure you have a fantastic time, don’t let them lead you too astray too early, just yet.

It’s the vows that generally get you worked up. There are few scenarios that you may have chosen for your day:

  • Repeat your vows after the celebrant.
  • Read your own vows; or
  • Recite your own vows.

You may be already going, recite, no way, that’s got to be hardest! Well, no, they all are. Even repeating words directly after the celebrant, can have missteps.

So, my advice to you is read the parts of the ceremony that you are speaking to. Be familiar with the words, pauses and sentiment that you want to convey.

If you have a great celebrant, they will put you at ease and step you through it. You won’t know that anyone else is there except for your partner and celebrant. I call it the ‘bubble’. We are in the bubble together and I will not let you down. I often describe myself as your wingman, look at your partner, don’t look at me. I will talk you through it at a pace that suits your style. You will feel self-assured and excited afterwards because you nailed it!

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