Music hints

Music sets the scene preceding, during and at the end of the ceremony. It helps guests to relax, sets the tone of the event, and highlights important stages during the ceremony. Ultimately, it completes the final performance as the married couple complete their commitment to each other. The 4 stages where music is typically required:

  1. Guests are arriving
  2. The bridal party is walking down the aisle
  3. The signing of the register
  4. When you walk down the aisle as a married couple to close the ceremony performance

How to choose music? There are many options, and it might seem simple and straightforward until you’re in the position to choose and decide. Some couples have ‘their’ song, others have music they enjoy together.

My advice to you is to start becoming consciously aware of feels important to you. What feels like fun and what feels like how you want your day to look like. Music can align with your wedding theme easily.

Use the 4 stages identified above to build momentum with the ceremony and performance. Start with setting the scene and the theme of your wedding. Make an entry statement that takes it to the next level. During signing, bring the tone and pace back a little as everyone takes a breather and lastly, go out with a bang!

I hope this is helpful and gives you some ideas to consider when planning for your special event!

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