How to prepare your ceremony structure

There are some scary bits to getting married and planning your event!

Today, I will cover off for you the first: where do we start?  

Every couple I have worked with are always worried about where to start and many don’t know what they want. I provide a guide with multiple choices and scenarios. Back in 2017 as a new celebrant, I was fortunate to have a mentor share their guides with me. I have evolved this document over time to keep ahead of trends, and our views towards historical protocols or traditions.

A good celebrant will help you; a great celebrant will do this for you! For me, giving you a structure, choices and scenarios helps you as a couple talk through want you both like and don’t like. If family or friends are to be involved? What could this look like? And of course, parents; how do you want them to be involved?

I recommend setting time aside to relax, choose a drink of choice and flick through the pages of this guide. Both of you can do this independently or together. Your choice, but whether by yourself or together, it can be a really fun process as you ‘tick’ and ‘cross out’ suggestions, laugh at some daggy ones, and relate to ones that work for you both.

It’s a simple but very effective process. I then collect the guide from you and build a bespoke ceremony. In this many years, I have never had a couple change the draft, they have loved it and were surprised how I captured the essence of them as individuals and as partners.

For me, this is why I marry couples. I love writing your story!